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H84PT  Key only $30
This ford transponder key requires 2 working keys to program a third key by yourself
If you only have 1 key it will have to brought to us or a local locksmith for programming and be hooked to machine for 10 minutes.
Bring to us $50 includes programming

2003-2008    Crown Victoria
2007-2008    Edge
2005-2008    Escape
2003-2008    Expedition
Mid 01-2008 Explorer & Sport Trac
2005-2008    Five Hundred
2006-2008    Focus
2004-2007    Freestar
2005-2008    Freestyle
2006-2008    Fusion
2004-2008    F150
2005-2008    Mustang

2001-2008    Ranger (V6 Engine Only)
2000-2008    Taurus
2003-2005    Thunderbird
2001-2004    Windstar

H84PT Oem Gem key by itself includes free easy to understand programming procedures (Need 2 working keys and will need to be cut to your key) $30

If you only have 1 key and can bring your car to Aurora Colorado for programming than you can choose to pay here and save your key, then call 720 855 5692 to arrange programming for your key. $50

programming information is always free to our customers, because we know who you are, if we don't know you and you only want info then we will need your info so we charge $5 can be mailed or emailed instantly


H72PT key alone $20
Some of these cars can be programmed with only 1 key some require 2 working keys to program a third if you only have 1 key and your car requires 2 you will have to take the car to us in Aurora Colorado or another qualified locksmith and you car will have to be hooked to diagnostic equipment for 10 minutes to program your key. see below
97-98 Expedition
96-97 Taurus
97-98 Contour
96-97 Mustang
only require 1 key to program another

1998-2002           Crown Victoria
1997-2004           Mustang (Except GT&Corbra 1996)
2005-2006           Ford GT
1996-1999           Taurus (Optional on some Models.)
2000-2005           Excursion
1997-2002           Expedition
1998-Mid 2001    Explorer
1999-2003           F150, F250 Light Duty
1999-2000           Ranger  (V6 Models Only)
1998-2000           Windstar

H72pt ford transponder key by itself (Requires 1 key on certain 96-98 models otherwise you will need two working keys to program or take to a qualified locksmith for cutting and programming)comes with easy to understand programming procedures. $20.00

H72pt ford transponder key for those of you who can bring your car to Aurora Colorado for programming and wish to save your key as sold you can pay here and call 720 855 5692 and set up programming $40.00

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