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A Chip Key . Com

A simple way to answer all your locksmith questions and cheapest solutions.
Providing pro service and products at  prices way lower than others.
Call 720 987 1239
over 20 years exp. !!
Chip keys made and programmed!
Keyless remotes!
Lost keys replaced!!
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I called these guys after calling at least 5 other people, they were $50 cheaper than anyone else, He came out and made a key for my KIA got there in 20 mins and made the key in less than 20 mins, I coulda lost my job if I didn't get there soon. You saved my life! TY
                                                 Katie Baughman, Aurora
I was stupid. :( locked myself out. My wife found it hilarious. BUT.. the last time she did it she googled some guy that claimed to have a $15 service call, but by the time we were done he charged us $120. Lurch came out and opened my car in half the time that she had to wait and charged me only $35. LOL I got the last laugh.                                     
                                                  Adam B. Aurora  
They do charge $10 extra for checks or credit cards, but luckily there was an ATM right there he repaired my ignition quick, he was very informative and knowledgable. At a fair price. I was alone , scared and very glad he showed up quick.
                                                  Karen Gibson , Arvada
I have had 3 people look at my car, when he showed up i figured hes not gonna be able to fix it either, I was at the end of my rope,all 3 told me there was something else wrong with it, last person said my key wasn't working so I called these guys, even tho it turned out to be nothing todo with the key, he went out of his way, went to the part store and got me running, he did even what the dealer couldn't do, he charged me less to fix it then they did to not fix it. I highly recommend!!!!
                                                   Sandy C. C.City
Totally amazing... I lost the key to my Lexus during this last storm, He showed up and insisted I relax in his High Tech Computerised Locksmith Limo style van and watch Shrek and stay warm as he made my key, I watched in warmth thru the big window in awe, he had my high security lexus running in 15 minutes!! I was on my way in less than 30 mins with a new key exactly like my old one TOTAL COST $140
everyone else wanted over $200 one person wanted $325. PS my sister thinks your sexy lol                                 
                                                   Kyle Gregg , Denver